Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Sports Sideline

When you don't watch television, New Year's Day takes on a different tone. No Rose Parade, no endless supply of college football. It almost doesn't feel like New Years.

Well, the fact that I was groggy and funky from this cold probably added to that affect.

At least I had From the Earth to the Moon (a present from sister Susan) to get me through the day.

But the NFL playoffs are here, and the Seahawks are playing this Saturday at 1:30, here in Seattle, against everybody's suddenly-favorite team, the Redskins. The Seahawks have become a beacon of excellence in the Seattle sports world - 4 straight division championships, 5 straight playoff appearances, the 2005 Super Bowl run.

And yet I've learned over the years what a fickle mistress sports can be. She pulls you in and entices you with words of passion and excitement, then dashes your hopes to the ground beneath a flurry of bad calls and stupid mistakes. Maybe it's true everywhere; it certainly seems true here in Seattle. Way back when, the Sonics became the first #1 seed to lose in the first round to an 8 seed. The M's in 2001 had the best record ever seen in baseball, only to choke and wither away in the ALCS. The UW Huskies are currently mired in the biggest mud pit they've ever found themselves in. And the Seahawks, for all their swagger and talent, still find ways to lose to teams of no account - think the Cardinals and the Saints. Not to mention that one game where they did show up with all the talent and desire to win, only to have it taken away from them by the *ahem* officiating crew.

So some time ago I forced myself to stop caring so much. To be interested, yes. Intrigued? Of course. To cheer for the hometown team? Absolutely. To stay glued to the radio this coming Saturday? You bet. And I expect Seattle to win. They have the talent, the home-field advantage, the recent playoff history, and should handle the Redskins quite comfortably.

But, after all, this is Seattle, and the gods of Sport do not shine favorably very often our way. So my hopes aren't exactly all that high. And should we lose? Don't come taunting me, because I'll just say "Yep. You're right. That's sports for ya."

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