Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A word on Chicago

Went downtown for pizza last night. When we left it was 40. When we got downtown it was 30 and beginning to snow. When we finished the pizza it was about 20 and blowing hard. When we got home it was 6 and the snow was blowing sideways. Our ears almost froze off.

How do people live with this?


Gracie said...

we complain a lot unfortunately. And try to make the best of the cold.
And we love spring, summer and fall!!
Enjoy the city if you can.

Brad Boydston said...

How do people live with this?

I think they mostly consider it to have some kind of purgatorial effect. Through the process of cognitive dissonance they then conclude that there is something of value in it and that it's worth living through (even if they have to complain about it).

It's all in the head.

The fact that I'm a Chicago native probably explains some of my head issues. But I got out when I could and have been trying to warm up ever since. :-)

Steve Menshenfriend said...

Last night it was ... -29 degrees in Saskatoon. I wish I was in Chicago with blowing snow and a balmy 6 degrees.

Have fun. I'm planning on coming next year. See you then.