Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A couple Thoughts on a recent vacation

- I'd forgotten just how big the California sky is. We were south of Redding when the sunlight first began to show over the northern Sierra, we were in Williams (70 miles south of Red Bluff) when the sun peaked over the horizon. I was stunned again at the vastness of that open space. Up here in the Pacific Northwest, often the view of the sky is limited, bordered by towering trees and mountains. But down there. . .you have open sky, a bowl of blue from horizon to horizon. It did my soul good to sit and stare into all that open space, especially once we reached the coast and had the sky open clear off over the ocean.

- The day we arrived a woman drowned just south of us, after trying to rescue her dog, who had been pulled under by the surf. We had front-row seats to the rescue efforts, which unfortunately went for naught. People underestimate the power of the ocean in that area. Our cabin sat about 60 feet above the ocean, and still we could feel the ground underneath us shaking every time a wave crashed onto the rocks below us. These are not the waves you wander out into, to get your toes wet. These are awesome, powerful, and dangerous.

- Once again I am convinced that there is no place more beautiful than the Mendocino coastline. Rocky shores, foggy folds in the hillside, mountainous terrain hiding farms and vineyards, miles and miles of crashing ocean waves, manzanita and redwood trees, brilliant sunsets off the Pacific coast, and a whole community of quirky, fun, ex-hippie, eco-conscious, earthy people to meet.

- Which makes me ask the question - how do people in Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska do it? The Ocean is so necessary, so grounding, do soul-soothing. 5 minutes at the ocean can undo a year's worth of stress and anxiety. How can people live thousands of miles away from this place? I think I would go crazy.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Dan. You were greatly missed. The photos are magnificent. Thanks for sharing.