Saturday, February 09, 2008

Finally the wind blew my way

There's this meme that's been flying around the blogosphere lately - part of the fun of reading blogs far and wide is to watch these things pop around like viruses. I've been wondering if it would finally blow my way. And yesterday Kim decided to toss the ball (to mix metaphors) into my backyard. So here goes.

Here are the rules:
Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
Open the book to page 123.
Find the fifth sentence.
Post the next three sentences.
Tag five people.

The book: Odd Girl Out - the Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls, by Rachel Simmons.

"She may flirt with a guy who is dating someone else or have a crush on a boy who is already spoken for. As Lyn Mikel Brown observed in her study of girls' anger, 'a 'slut' is not someone who is sexually active per se, but rather someone who is disconnected from her partner of from other girls.' Psychologist Deborah Tolman writes that 'the fact of girls' sexual activity is explained in terms of relationships: girls have sex in the service of relationships.'"

(hey - when you work with teenagers, you need to pay attention to these sorts of things).

So now I tag:
Anya, because she needs to update her blog anyway
Lori, because she's a faithful reader here
Susan, because she reads a lot
Russ, because he needs a distraction
Whoever else wants a free tag - this one is yours.

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anya leah said...

oops. i've not been a faithful blogger. my apologies to you, oh great and wonderful blogger man, i will attempt to complete the task at hand...soon :)