Friday, February 29, 2008

I wonder if it means anything

NPU Prof Scot McKnight created a hermeneutics quiz, designed to show you where your method of Bible Interpretation puts you on the theological scale (from conservative through moderate over to liberal.).

Brad took it and got a 62.

Rick took it and got a 64.

I took it and got a 64.

Those would all be in the "moderate" category. And all three of us have strong connections to the Evangelical Covenant Church.

I know, it's a tiny sampling. Still, it's a little eerie how close those all are.


Anonymous said...

Apparently I'm a conservative. I got a 46. (Susan)

Kent said...

I got a 63..I guess that makes sense that it's right in between yours and my dad's...a synthesis of different influences in my life.

Beth B said...

I got a 65...does that mean I'm on the fringe of the Covenant? ; )

Anonymous said...

I got a 56, but to be honest for some questions I just had to pick a best guess. Sometimes I wanted to pick 'somewhere between 5 and 1'. And I didn't always agree with the reason for an answer. I.e. (a) yes, because abc. I would agree with the yes but not abc.

Kim said...

57 - still moderate, but with more conservative leanings. Must be a little of my East Coast showing?