Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sometimes you just can't get away

I got to Midwinter and ran into Mark Nakazono, former youth pastor of Turlock Covenant, and current U.S. Army chaplain. The next day I met up with Sean and Kerri Curtis, former interim pastor (and spouse) of Cornerstone Covenant in Turlock. On Thursday I had breakfast with Sean and Kerri, and Amanda, wife of the current youth pastor at Cornerstone Covenant in Turlock. Friday night we went to dinner at Jake Bradley's (formerly of Turlock) and his father and step-mother, formerly of Modesto and Escalon.

This morning in worship I kept having weird Turlock flashbacks. I was remembering those warm days driving out of town along Santa Fe, or along the canal north of town. Maybe I just miss the warm weather; I don't know. Or maybe it's because we've hit the 2-year anniversary of our leaving Turlock. Or maybe it's some weird virus that has infested us. . .

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anya leah said...

i'm going to suggest that you are virus free. we miss you, too. so there.