Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Random 10

Must be the depressing version. Agony, tragedy, starvation in Africa, breakups, unresolved anger. . .at least the bonus track takes us to that beautiful eschatological vision of Christ's final redemption of all our pain.

#1 is from a collection of various artists remaking U2 songs. This is one of only two tracks on the album that I find actually make it work. #4 takes me back to boring days attempting to survive as a sales clerk in a Christian retail store in Southern California. #5 has some of the funniest lyrics written on the issue of male hubris. And speaking of #3 - I've been emailing with one of the members of Union Station about possibly coming up here and doing a concert in Lakebay. It's a long shot, but we'll see. . .

1. Chris Tomlin - Where the Streets Have No Name, from "In the Name of Love - Artists United for Africa"
2. St. Olaf Choir - Let us Talents and Tongues Employ, from "Great Hymns of Faith"
3. Alison Krauss and Union Station - Doesn't Have To Be This Way, from "Lonely Runs Both Ways"
4. Susan Ashton - Grand Canyon - from "Angels of Mercy"
5. Various - Agony, from "Into the Woods - the Original Soundtrack"
6. Sarah Masen - Grains of Sand, from "Carry Us Through"
7. David Crowder Band - B Part: A Beautiful Collision - from "A Collision"
8. Emmylou Harris - Tragedy, from "Red Dirt Girl"
9. Jill Paquette - One of These Days, - from "Jill Paquette"
10. Dixie Chicks - Not Ready to Make Nice, from "Taking the Long Way

Bonus Track: Matt Redman - Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble, from "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever, Disc 1"

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