Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Legend of YHWH

I finally got around to watching "I Am Legend" last night.

Sure, it's creepy. Yes, it's got flesh-eating zombies wandering Manhattan, looking for anything and everything on which to gorge. And of course it throws enough curveballs at you to make you jump out of your skin.

But after it was over, I told the wife that it was one of the best Christian movies I'd ever seen. In fact, if you were challenged to create a movie that was a metaphor for the biblical story, one that would be accepted and embraced by 21st-Century, post-Christian culture, you'd have a hard time topping this one.

Think of it - a "virus" infects humanity, turning men and women into violent, inhuman beasts. Perfectly fits C.S. Lewis' version of sin turning people into unearthly monsters.

+++++Plot Spoiler Alert+++++

And where is the antidote for that virus? When Robert Neville (aka Will Smith) puts the vial into Anna's hand, what does he tell her? "It's in the blood."

And what price does he pay to deliver that antidote?

And where are Anna and Ethan heading - where is the Survivor's Colony? Bethel. Which is Hebrew for "House of God."

Oh, and this. What is God's name as revealed to Moses? Right. Now go look at the movie title again.

+++++/Plot Spoiler Alert+++++

I've seen other zombie movies, and find they are usually simply gore-fests attempting to scare us or make social commentary on nuclear weapons. I Am Legend is much more thoughtful, focusing more on the angst of loneliness and the sorrow of death than on gratuitous violence and blood splatter. In fact, I was more disturbed by the zombies in Night of the Living Dead than by these CG zombies.

Sure, I would never let Olivia see this movie. And I don't think I'll be showing it at church any time soon. But if you have eyes to see it,

Jesus is all over this movie.

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Anonymous said...

I actually bought the book and am planning on reading it soon, and have the movie listed on Netflix. I'm even more intersted in it now! (Susan)