Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Personal Note to my Personal Critic (the rest of you are free to listen in. . .)

No, hisstoryun, I'm not ignoring you. It's just that, as a preacher, I tend to have more time earlier in the week to work on this blog thing. . .and the later the week goes, and the more I'm in the midst of preparing for the coming Sunday (writing sermons and all), I have less time to wax eloquent in here. It's just the ebb and flow of the tide of my brain capacity as the weeks start and finish. So no, I don't think you're a kook. I was just busy writing a sermon and preparing for confirmation class and planning a Futuring meeting tonight and organizing a mission team meeting for tomorrow night. . .and spending time with all those who came in to visit - the church chair, our visitation intern, our quilting ladies, our homeless outreach. Life gets busy at times.

However, I still don't think you understand how I'm trying to nuance this. You say "Yes Jesus lived as a man with all of the limitations that come with that in terms of physical earth of course. But He also showed us that He was God too." We're in agreement there. I've never said that Jesus stopped being God; or at least I've never meant to imply that.

You also say If God embraced humanity becoming a man like us, giving up His Godhood, for the purpose of teaching us how to live (according to this theology) then it stands to reason that He also must have had a sin nature like us. Here we can start to disagree. Jesus was not just A man, he was the perfect man. He was fully man. In some sense, I don't think the sin nature is something added, but something taken away. When Adam sinned, I don't think he added a new component known as "sin nature," I think he lost something; namely, the ability to walk face-to-face in perfect harmony with the God of life. Jesus was a man in the sense that Adam was a man - lacking sin, walking in harmony with the God who gives life.

Now, let me see if I can say this any clearer. Jesus was God incarnate. No doubts here. But Jesus chose to live as a human, under the same human limitations as the rest of us, solely relying on God the Father to work in and through him as he walked on the earth. He WAS God, he just CHOSE to not act as God, instead choosing to act as the perfect man (which he also was) to lead us unto salvation. I think this is what Jesus was getting at in John 15:10 - "just as I have kept my father's commands and remain in his love."

And with that, I've got to run.


HisStoryUn said...

Dan - Thank you for that. But just so there is no misunderstanding, I am not being critical of you at all. I simply find this type of discussion both enlightening and personally edifying as I listen and try to disseminate the voracity of various perspectives. I knew going into this that it is not about a tug of war in which we necessarily persuade each other to a different point of view. Besides, you are far more learned on these topics than I. As you articulate your points and I mine, I see with growing clarity the point that you are making, whether I totally agree in the end or not.

By the way, I appreciate that you are very busy too! I of course simply sit at my PC hanging on every tidbit that comes from the “Hole-in-the-Wall”. Hehehe…

Finally, I have been using the pseudonym HisStoryUn on the internet for many years. But you may recall me as a blast from the past known both as Erin’s Father and Sean’s Father in Law. My prayers are for you, your ministry and family. We now move gracefully on to other issues, though I will still from time to time check in on you just to see what’s on your mind.


Dan said...

Yeah - Sean clued me into that a couple days ago. . .and I don't mind the discussion, nor the challenge. It always helps me be more precise in my language along the way. So how's life in Upland these days?

HisStoryUn said...

Sean spoiled my fun eh?! What a buzz-killer... hehehe Upland is the same as always only more congested every day. They put the 210 frwy through to Fontana and they keep on building.

Stop by if you're ever in town.

Smooth Sailing


Dan said...

Karina's parents live up north of you, by the Home Depot they put in up on 19th. So we've been there a couple times, although it's been 2 years since I've been down. Maybe it's time.