Thursday, March 13, 2008


- The Tacoma Narrows Bridge toll may go up another $1 in July. Somehow $1.75 just doesn't seem like much to pay for our Trader Joes run. But $2.75 each time starts to feel like a bigger hit on the monthly budget.

- Speaking of which, we just got the bill for last month's heating oil refill. For the first time, it was over $3 per gallon. Makes me even more thankful for all the free firewood we got last year. But. . .it's time to look into replacing the 1960s vintage furnace in the basement. Maybe with a heat pump?

- Robert L. Jamieson has on article on the Rev. Ken Hutcherson in this morning's Seattle P-I. Jamieson works hard at being the P-I's social conscience, and today is taking aim at the anti-gay activism and teaching that Hutcherson encourages in his church. Here's the problem. There is no simple answer to this issue. First, you have to decide what the Bible truly says on the issue, which is no easy task, if you want to do it honestly. Then, you have to decide what your own response will be, especially in light of all that the Bible says about so many other things. Will you actively try to denounce homosexuality? Or will you choose to love homosexuals as people, letting God do his work in their life (that's all assuming you agree that the Bible does, in fact, teach that it is a sin, a position which not every Christian agrees)? And if you choose to work "against" homosexuality, then will you give the same passion to pursuing all the other issues the about which the Bible speaks so clearly? Will you treat divorced people and lazy people and dishonest people the same way? Finally, you have to decide what the role of the Church is in our society. Should we be about passing laws and forcing companies to act "christianly?" Or should we be on the streets ministering to broken people no matter their condition or position?

And that takes a lot of energy, a lot of thought, a lot of nuance, a lot of patience and discussion.

Unfortunately, Jamieson never brings that kind of deep thought into his articles, instead given to cheap shallow rhetoric ("Whatever happened to Jesus' call for compassion, tolerance and humility in faith?"), and Hutcherson doesn't seem to bring that kind of deep thought to his preaching or his political involvement.

Which probably is simply a reflection of where society is at in general. Don't make me think when I can explain my position with a bumper sticker. And don't try to confuse my shallow belief system with all your details. . .

- By the way, take most of what I just said and place it over the Geraldine Ferarro controversy. It's pretty much the same story. People who attempt to make sweeping statements overgeneralize and end up eating their own feet.

- In no way connected to the previous items. . .Our friends down the road at Vaughn Community Church have changed their name, as they are in the midst of changing locations. They are now officially Waypoint Church. You might remember their building burned down two years ago. They are now waiting for the county to finally decide to let them begin construction at their new location along the Key Peninsula Highway.

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