Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tough Days to Preach

Sometimes there are just too many strands to be pulled in. Today is Palm Sunday - so preach on the triumphal entry. But the focus of the Mark 11 text is on the cleansing of the temple. So preach on that. But we're entering holy week, and I won't preach again until Easter, so we need to push on toward the cross. Can that fit in? And spring begins this Wednesday (here on the West Coast), and I usually like to preach on something related to creation and God's majesty around springtime. Finally, tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, and many choose to preach on something related to the life and ministry of St. Patrick.

Then, there's the problem of music. Music about the Triumphal Entry? (Hosanna, Hosanna. . .) The Temple Cleansing? (Derek Webb has a song or two about that, although our hymnbook doesn't seem to include any. . .) The Last Supper? The Cross? Music about creation, in honor of spring? (For the Beauty of the Earth, This is My Father's World. . .)? Or something to do with St. Patrick's Day? (Be Thou My Vision)

We almost need to have four different services today. Otherwise it's just too broad, and I can't focus. . .


Erin said...

Too bad you can't meld them all into one service! I guess it would be too weird though. For me, I would want the one relating to the Easter story and music to go along with it. It's unfortunate that Easter is so early this year though. Loves.

Lambservant said...

I was there today Dan. But I could not stay to hear you preach. But I know what ever you preached on it was good and relevant. I will say that the music almost sent me to heaven. Power in the Blood and The Old Rugged Cross are two of my favorites. I felt a strong presence of the Holy Spirit and their was great joy in the congregation and I think that is all that matters.