Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Weekend Update

Our friends The Gibbs from Turlock came up and joined us for Easter weekend. Chelsea came over and spent Saturday night with us, while the rest of the family headed off to their hotel on Hood Canal. Sunday morning they came back (with all the relatives) for our Easter service, at which Chelsea played her flute with the worship team. It was like old times. . .made me a little nostalgic to hear her play In Christ Alone.

On Monday I played tour guide and took them all to Seattle for the day. We did the Traditional Seattle tour - took the ferry into town, lunch at Ivar's, fed the seagulls, an hour at Pike Place Market, walked over to Westlake Center and rode the Monorail to Seattle Center, walked around the Center Fountain and Key Arena, then went up the Space Needle for an hour. . .then reversed the trip and took the ferry home, finishing with dinner at Anthony's in Bremerton. And the day couldn't have been better - sunny with distant clouds, relatively warm, with none of the Summer Tourist Crowd to gum things up.

As to Sunday itself, the High Holy Day, it rained all day, and that put a little damper on things. Plus, a lot of our people are sick these days, which put a further damper on things. For those who showed up, it was a marvelous time of worship and celebration; the food was warm and the fellowship was sincere. But the Sunrise Service was off by 50%, mostly due to the incessant rainfall, and the morning service was one of the lowest services in the last two years. That I attribute mostly to all the sickness going around. I wonder, too, if Easter coming so early didn't affect it some. We usually get a lot of weekenders who've come out to their vacation homes, but with the bad weather, and being so early in March, I'm wondering if most of them didn't just stay in Seattle and Tacoma and Bellevue.

Ah, well. A long time ago I gave up worrying about numbers, trying to interpret every little sign. God was glorified and his people edified, and I continue to be excited and amazed at the way this little community church blesses the people of this area, how they jump in and cover for people who are sick, how they sing an extra 2 or 3 songs and don't even mind, how we can add a pink-haired flautist and they all think that's cool. God is good, and his people are good.

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