Thursday, April 10, 2008

Need some technical assistance

We have a wireless router here at the church. It's in the secretary's office, which is about 100 feet from my office. There are any number of walls in between her office and mine - however, when doors are open, it is somewhat of a direct line. Rather than running cable all the way from the router into my office, I simply use the wireless modem on my laptop.

Which works about 90% of the time. But every once in a while, I can't get a signal here in my office. The VAIO just looks in vain for a wireless signal.

And I've noticed that this problem is a lot more prevalent when it is raining outside.

Why would that be? Why does rainy weather outside affect the router signal strength inside? And is there anything that can be done, besides praying for more sunshine?

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Brad Boydston said...

Humidity might affect signal strength.

Possible solutions:

1. upgrade the router a level -- to one with a little more spunk and coverage.

2. play with the existing router and make it more directional by adding aluminum foil, etc

3. buy a "bridge" that you place in the middle between the router and where your computer normally sets. This is probably the best option -- unless you can fix the problem by simply moving the router a few feet up or over.