Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Random News and Notes

- The Air Force is officially retiring the F-117 Nighthawk today, parking the last four in a secure hanger in Nevada. Bummer. I never had the chance to see one fly. I did see one on static display at the last El Toro airshow, complete with heavily-armed security guards.

- Just in time for Passover, grocery stores in San Francisco have all run out of Matzo bread. "It appears there's been a huge disconnect between the Bay Area grocery community and the Bay Area Jewish community in terms of supply and demand."

- Ever wonder why the women in those polygamist compounds dress like 19th century pioneers? Experts are talking about the same thing.

- Religious leaders in Zimbabwe speak to the growing crisis in their country, warning of impending genocide if the situation isn't resolved.

- We used to have this good friend names Anya. Anya was pretty cool. She was very attuned to the Lord, you might say. (She has a cool younger sister, too, but this story isn't about her.) Anya spent a week in Mexico with us on a youth mission trip one summer. She also did the YWAM thing. Sometimes she would come hang out at our West Main house and eat tacos and talk about Jesus. Good times. Anya was just accepted to Mars Hill Graduate School in Seattle, and we are excited for her. For one, she's finding her future and embracing it, entering into the calling God has on her life. I have no doubt she'll do great things for the Kingdom of God. So congratulations are in order. But, more selfishly, she'll be just across the water from us, so perhaps we'll all have a chance to sit down at Caffe Ladro and catch up, just like old times.

- Link: Church of the Masses. The blog of Barbara Nicolosi, one of the mainstage speakers we heard at the Transforming Culture Conference in Austin. Barbara is a Catholic who works in the Entertainment Industry, living as salt and light in Hollywood. She's got great insight into the intersections between God and Popular Culture, and she can be funny as well.


Kent said...

Stop! When I wave like this it means stop not go! *caresses M-16*

anya leah said...

Wow! Dan's Hole in the Wall has congratulated me and I have been an absentee blogger yet again. Thank you for your kind words, friend. I do look forward to connecting and enjoying your (the fam included) company once agin! Blessings, Dan!