Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sermon Response for Mark 9:30-50

Jesus, when you said “follow me,” we answered, “we will.”
When you offered salvation and hope, we gladly accepted.
When you offered bread and wine, we ate and drank.
When you gave your own life so that we would have life,
we received your gift with gladness.
But you call us to obedience, as well.
To love those unlike us, to serve those around us,
to become as children;
seeking not pride of place nor glory,
but the opportunity to lose ourselves
so that others may live.
You called us to be salt and light in the world,
to give up our own desires for pleasure
in order to truly follow you.
Again, we say, “Yes Lord,”
knowing we need your help to obey.
Give us hearts of obedience,
help us to become as children,
salt and light and servants of the world.
We will obey you, God.
Give us strength to heed your call,
courage to choose the right,
endurance to overcome our desires
of lust and pride. We will obey you, God.
We will be your disciples. Amen.

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