Sunday, April 20, 2008

So about that storm

Drove up to Kingston on Friday, took the ferry across to Edmonds. Got off the ferry, noticed some of the cars had snow on them. Climbed the hill out of town and noticed snow falling from the sky. Met my parents for dinner at Kafe Neo (Greek food - yum!). All during dinner kept commenting "Wow - it's snowing outside."

Drove over to my brother's place in Lynwood through a blinding snowstorm. Imagine "Over the River and Through the Woods," or your favorite Christmas card. Only remember this is in late April.

Spent the night at Mike's house. The kids went out and built a snowman. All night long the power came and went as snow-laden branches fell on power lines and transformers blew.

By Saturday morning, 6-8 inches of snow covered everything. Most beautiful were the maple trees all abloom, and the tulips sticking up through the snow. So much color, laying underneath the covering white.

As Saturday progressed, snow turned to hail, which brought with it thunder and lightning. The kids did find more time to go out and play.

Eventually, we drove back to Lakebay where, alas, there is no snow. Although it's supposed to be in the 20s tonight.

So, imagine that one. April 20. 8 inches of snow, as in deepest winter. I think we'll remember this weekend for years to come.

Now, hopefully back to our regular programming.

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Erin said...

It sounds beautiful! I have never lived in the snow, but when I move to Ely in June, it will be a snowy experience as it is still snowing there as well. Joe said that he has heard that it often snows even in July. I'm a little scared about snow as I hate being cold. Brrrrrrrrrr!