Friday, April 04, 2008

So much to catch up on - a responsive reading

In the end, the conference was powerful. I'm still digesting. I want to make some comments on it.

But I have to write a sermon.

I need to mention some of the speakers we heard over the week, and the wonderful conversation Karina and I had with one of them, when both our planes were delayed at the airport in Austin.

But I have to write a sermon.

I was going to mention our experiences on Southwest Airlines - with the medical emergency on the way down and the engine problems on the way back.

But I have to write a sermon.

I should mention something about our time with Dave, a friend from way, way back in my first ministry days.

But I have to write a sermon.

I'd love to share some more general impressions about Austin, Texas.

But I have to write a sermon.

I've been wanting to do a movie review on a little film we watched last week - Rocket Science - and how it reflects our current ethos as a culture

But I have to write a sermon.

So, instead, let me share a poem I wrote on the flight down instead.

And maybe I'll just keep this list and work on it all next week.

Seattle to Austin

Three times up, three times down
like children playing leapfrog
we seem unable to maintain
our grip on flight
one moment dancing the vast
western sky inexorably
returning to earth-planted feet
we leap, we soar, buckle
and feel the rush of liftoff
pushing into your bones
we plummet and plod the
crowded taxiway, growing in
awareness of sore butts and
cramped knees

Is how I talk to you, God
friend, companion on this journey
never quite sustaining rapture
growing ever weary of the ground
discontent to remain
unable to fly

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