Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tweet Tweet

Have you ever been in one of those fake nature simulations - say, at Magic Mountain, where they have fake trees surrounded by fake waterfalls, and piped-in bird noises? Or maybe at the zoo, where they have dioramas displaying what life is like "out in the wild"? Or even a native American display in a museum, where they have a model Indian home with some fake cedar trees and piped in bird and wind noises?

Or maybe you've just listened to Bird Notes on NPR, or bought a CD on Identifying Bird Calls in the Wild.

Anyway, the point is, that's what it sounds like outside my office this morning. It's a cornucopia of tweets and twitters and chirps and chirrups and woo-l00-loos and the like. It's utterly amazing. And I suddenly realize I can't identify even one of them.

But spring is here, and I live amongst the wild and wooly (and feathery) flora and fauna of the great Pacific Northwest, and I'm loving it. It's like having my very own nature show piped into my office, only it's the real thing. You all should be so blessed.

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Steven said...

Ohhh ... I do miss it. But you don't get the minus 40 with no wind, ever single water molocule is frozen and floating in the air reflecting the early morning sun. There's nothing better. Have a great day.