Thursday, April 10, 2008

Why I could never be a true Calvinist

Once upon a time there was a man named Joseph, who had always wanted children. 18 children, to be exact. And so he had 18 children.

However, Joseph being a wise man, even before he had his children he knew that they would disobey him, bringing great shame and dishonor to his name. He knew they would eventually reject him (don’t all children?), and that he would be forced to punish them for their sins against him. Yet Joseph was a loving man, and so he devised a plan – again, long before his children were born. His plan would pay the penalty for the rejection of his sons and daughters. He would provide a way to take the punishment himself, thus retaining his honor and yet freeing his children of guilt (editor’s note: the specifics of that plan are another story for another day).

And so it came to be. He had his children, they rejected him, and he initiated his plan, paying the price for their sins, opening up a door for forgiveness to flow. But there was another part to this plan. Back before his children were born, Joseph had already decided he would save children 1,3,12, and 17. The rest – well, they could just live and die with their guilt. They could just receive the punishment they so deserved.

And so Joseph, being a wise man, worked in the lives of 1,3,12, and 17, wooing them and drawing them closer to him, until they had no option but to accept his forgiveness. How fortunate for 1, 3, 12, and 17! How grateful they were for being forgiven! And all the neighbors were amazed at this man’s mercy, his glory, his wisdom! He had shown everybody that he was still in charge, and that he would be so kind as to even save a few of his kids.

Oh, except for the rest of the kids, who are now down in the cellar, being tortured mercilessly for their sins. Sure, Joseph had it within his power to save them, but he showed everybody just how glorious he was by NOT saving them. They’re not so sure their father is all that glorious. In fact, he seems a little unfair. After all, he knew they would reject him. In fact, some said it was his plan for them to reject him in the first place. And yet he never had any intention of saving them, like he did their brothers and sisters. These children, the ones in the basement – they all think they got the shaft.


Chad said...

right there with ya 'migo.

as for myself, i simply can't believe in a God that purposely lets people go to hell. no if's no and's and no but's. if that's the God of the universe, then i'd rather go to hell than spend eternity with him.

Gracie said...

so many tho'ts of response, too little time. I'll check back about this subject.