Sunday, April 27, 2008

Why I gave up youth ministry

(note: please read just a slight amount of sarcasm in the following post, lest you mistake this for a slight against the faithful men and women who lead the youth of Lakebay Community Church, and all other churches. . .)

Friday night the youth group of Lakebay Community Church were well into their 30-Hour famine, attending a rally (with a loud band, or so I'm told) in Gig Harbor. Over the years I led a dozen or so famines, so I know what that's all about. And the leaders - they were well into hanging out with all those rowdy teens who were hungry and loud and teenager-like.

I, on the other hand was enjoying dinner at Tango Tapas Restaurant on Capitol Hill in Seattle (home of Seattle's #1 dessert according to voters). Eating Spanish Olives and Toasted Almonds, Queso Azul, Enselada con Pato, Oysters, Spanish Cheese, and a host of other delightful and aromatic dishes. My wife, her sister, and their father were enjoying it all along with me.

And following dinner, about the time our youth leaders were hauling kids back into vans to go spend the night at sleepover locations, the four of us wandered over to the Paramount Theater to see Jazz Legend Dave Brubeck (and quartet) in an astounding display of virtuosity. For an 87 year old man, Brubeck can still jam. He even blessed us by closing the set with his standard, Take 5.

And the night closed with the Ramsey Lewis Trio, who serenaded us with the sweet sounds of funk, gospel, and cool jazz, including a few soul-searing piano solos.

I loved my years in youth ministry, so don't get me wrong. And I am excited about the great staff we have working with our youth at Lakebay. For one night, though, it was nice to play adult.

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Erin said...

I'm so glad that you are enjoying your new ministry. I just wanted to take this opertunity however, to thankyou for your time as a youth minister. I attribute much of my faith today to your teaching, guidence, and the pure joy of the times from my days in your youth group. I have always thought of you as one of my heros in life and I am greatful that I got to be a part of the old days. Looking back I cannot imagine what you went through with all of the nonsence and giggling, but boy did we have some fun! These are times that I for one, will never forget and treasure dearly.