Saturday, May 31, 2008

2 very important notes

I added a "tag cloud" over there on the right. Most blog posts are tagged at the bottom. The cloud shows those tags that show up the most on here (well, at the moment, 2 times or more. . .). If you click on a tag, you'll see a list of all the posts containing that tag.

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Now the fun one, and why I thank God for computer nerds like Wes, our local Microsoft guru. . .

Wes has loaded an audio player on our church website, and, in addition, has just finished uploading almost every Sunday sermon I've preached since coming to Lakebay.

Go to Lakebay Community Church's website, click on the "Sermon Player" link, and the player should show up. You can listen to the sermon there, or download it as a podcast.

One warning - we're not done with the process, so at the moment the sermons are only listed by date. In the next couple weeks we'll begin adding in sermon titles and scripture texts.


(Sermon player provided free of charge by the fine folks at Sermon Player.)

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Kim said...

I like the tag cloud!