Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday Random 10

It's been awhile since I've done one of these. Today is the Wide Open version. Usually I only play songs from a playlist - I have a "worship" playlist and an "office" playlist and a "rainy day" playlist and a "folk music" playlist, even a "random" playlist. But today I went with the entire list of music on this here laptop, which means there are some oddities in here. Like #6 and the bonus, both Christmas music. And #10 - not something I usually play while at work. #2 takes me back to those early Hume Lake days, back when I was a starry-eyed youth pastor still thinking I'd change the world. . .#8 - I'm wondering if you could still write a song with the words "Beat Me Daddy" in the title, and not have people thinking you're advocating abuse. #9 is a special one, since that's me playing trumpet behind the choir.

  1. Rebecca Go Home – The Lost Dogs
  2. Strangers – Joel Weldon
  3. Obsession – Delirious?
  4. Indian War Whoop – John Hartford (from the “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” Soundtrack)
  5. Phos Hilaron (Hail, Gladdening Light) – Passion Worship Band
  6. The Crown of Roses – Choir of King’s College
  7. Nicaragua (Prelude and Dance) – Peter Ostroushko
  8. Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar – Glenn Miller and the American Band of the Allied Expeditionary Force
  9. Soli Deo Gloria Azusa Pacific University Choir and Orchestra
  10. Waitin’ for My Deary – Carol Richards (from the “Brigadoon” soundtrack)
Bonus Track:
The Christmas Song - Ginny Owens

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