Thursday, May 08, 2008

It's Time to Hit the Trail

Washington now has a new official Wilderness Area - the Wild Sky Wilderness, the first federally-funded wilderness in the state since 1984.

As a youth, I spent a lot of time hiking these mountains, playing along the Skykomish river and camping beside deep mountain lakes. It's some of the most beautiful country I know.

Now the government agrees, and it will be set aside as an undeveloped playground and sanctuary for generations to come.

Kudos to the politicians for getting this one right.

Read the P-I article here.

From the Wilderness Society: "In the heart of the Skykomish Valley, the Wild Sky region serves as a critical link between the Alpine Lakes Wilderness and the National Park and wilderness lands of the North Cascades. Low-elevation old growth forests remain in the Sky Peaks, Ragged Ridge and Rapid River areas of the Wild Sky. They provide critical habitat for black bears, bald eagles, mountain goats, wolverines, cougars and spotted owls."

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