Thursday, May 22, 2008

On corneas, medical technology, and decisions to make

"Do you want to talk about grafting?"

And so it all changed. We went to Seattle yesterday so I could be fitted with my new contact lens. After messing around with the eye, doing all sorts of tests and measurements, after getting the lens in and fitting as best possible, Dr. Ralph Archer asked the above question.

Up to this point, the game has been "Find the lens that works best." Apparently, we've reached the end of that road, unless I feel like living with a huge piece of plastic in my eye for the next decade.

In came Dr. Rotkiss, the head corneal surgeon, for a long talk about the possibility of a transplant. About the only good thing he could say about the current situation was "It's a testimony to your fortitude or stubbornness that you've lived with this lens so long."

So, the question we're pondering today is "Do I go ahead and have the corneal transplant?" So far, the doctor's recommendation is "yes." And I think we're moving in that direction as well, although I want to spend some time praying about it first. Somehow I thought this day was a lot further off, out in that nebulous "future" that we never actually believe is going to show up.


Kim said...

Dan - that's a tough decision. I do have a girlfriend who had a corneal transplant years ago, if you'd like to ask her questions & whatnot, lemmeknow, I'll ask her if I can pass along her contact info.

Anonymous said...

Just promise me you won't get a video of it and then force family members to watch it at inopportune times.

Beth B said...

Mark 8:25
"Once more Jesus put his hands on the man's eyes. Then his eyes were opened, his sight was restored, and he saw everything clearly."

May the Lord use the hands of His servants to restore your sight, Dan.

Ms57Classic said...

Hi. In 2001 I had a corneal transplant and have written about it in my blog. I've also created a social networking site for those who have had a corneal transplant or will be having one. If you are interested the link is: