Friday, May 23, 2008

See, here's what you need to understand

I've always been very healthy. Other than breaking my wrist a couple times, I've avoided major medical treatments. Never spent the night in a hospital. Never had my tonsils out, never had my appendix out, never even had my wisdom teeth out. So this surgery thing is completely new territory that I am entering. Which means, I suppose, I'm going through a whole process of "psyching up" for it. Just getting my head around the fact that I'm the guy who might go in for surgery, and not just any surgery but a transplant, on my own precious eyeball. . .I'm just not even sure what I'm supposed to think about that. Or what I'm supposed to feel about that. When I do give it much thought, I don't like the idea much. And I don't like the feelings I have surrounding the idea. And yet, I know it's necessary, and I like the idea of what's on the other side - semi-normal vision.

Please forgive me, I'm still processing.


Erin said...

If you're worried about it you should talk to the expert. KIM! She's had surgery on her eyes and everywhere else! The latest being her big toe amputated. She probably has some advise for you!

Kim said...

You do realize that going through this will give you an even broader ministry reach, right? I mean, in addition to being able to see! Be thankful that it's something elective, and not emergency and life-threatening. As part of your new and ever-changing life story, you'll have a whole new perspective to minister from. Embrace it, Dan. The fear is normal...and you can do this. God is in total control. I'm praying for you.