Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sermon Response to Mark 11:27-12:12

Jesus, you have called us to be faithful stewards
of your Kingdom. You have called us to be

diligent workers in your fields. You expect

that your business will be our business, that

our work will be your work.

We confess that all too often we have let our

pride, our selfishness, our desire for comfort

and prestige cloud our efforts, we confess

that we have hurt each other and that

we have not, in fact, been your faithful disciples.

In confession we seek forgiveness,

dedicating ourselves once again to the simple

task of seeking your heart, and serving you

in love, humility, and gentleness toward all.

May our lives reflect your love and glory in

the world. You are the Stone the Builders Rejected,

and you are marvelous in our eyes. Teach us

to serve you first, foremost, and always.

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lori said...

Love the new look Dan. Must be some of Karina's photographic work.