Monday, June 02, 2008

Biggest Hole in the Wall Contest Ever!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Whoop Whoop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Attention boys and girls!

I will award 25 mega-internet attaboys (or attagirls, as the case may be) to the first person who can identify the scene in this blog's header!

Can't you already feel the excitement?
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Whoop Whoop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Erin said...

something from the Goonies?

Erin said...

oh, oh, oh! I got it! Somewhere in Washington, Oregon or California? Am I right, tell me I'm right!!! LOL!

Matt said...

Fort Casey on Whidbey Island?

Anonymous said...

Whidbey Island (Susan)

Cleaver said...

Bunker at Fort Casey looking out onto the Strait of Jaun De Fuca/Adriralty inlet. Used during WWII as a lookout point for possible enemy ships or submarines entering our coast.