Sunday, June 29, 2008

Congregational Response to a Sermon on Mark 14:32-15:20

beaten, bruised

mocked and accused

he did it for me.

led before Pilate

he did not open his mouth

he did it for you.

misunderstood, laughed at,

the butt of the worst of all jokes,

he remained silent

the anger of the world meets

the love of God

and God chooses restraint,

God chooses love,

God chooses forgiveness.

What shall it be for us?

Shall we, having been forgiven,

choose not to forgive?

Shall we, having been shown

the way of peacemaking,

choose violence?

Shall we, having seen Christ’s compassion,

even through murderous torture,

choose hate, gossip, and slander?

No. We choose the way of love,

we choose the way of forgiveness,

we choose the way of Christ,

even though it costs us everything.

Christ gave up everything for us.

So, to, we choose to give up everything

for the sake of Christ.

Amen. So be it.

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