Thursday, June 05, 2008

Taking the day (off?)

Yesterday saw the lowest tides around the Puget Sound since 1986. And they won't be this low again until 2022. You can read about it in the Tacoma news Tribune, among other places.

So, yesterday Eugene suggested people ought to take their kids out of school, blow off work, and go take a walk on the beach.

I decided that, rather than play hooky, I'd intertwine work and play. My daughter's class was going to the beach just down the road from our house (btw, this would be the beach made so locally famous by all the geoduck brouhaha). And they needed parent volunteers, so since my schedule is fairly flexible, I drove over there and joined them on the beach. Karina came along and took a lot of pictures; we'll post some later.

And it was a great day. The sun came out, and the receding tide revealed all sorts of sea life - rockfish, starfish (red, orange, purple), eels, geoducks, clams, oysters, crabs large and small. . .it really was amazing to see, and even more fun to hear the cries of delight from the children as they discovered shells and crabs and fish. I'm sure it was a day for the kids to remember, and I was glad to be there for it. I'm just not so sure the crabs appreciated all the poking and prodding they received.

These are the opportunities we ought not to pass up - the chance to experience a part of our world we don't usually see, the chance to gaze upon things that are usually covered up; the chance to show children the wonder of this world we all call home.

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did you guys take some good pics?