Thursday, June 05, 2008

We Have a Winner!

Actually, due to the nebulous nature of the question, we have a couple winners in the "Biggest Hole in the Wall Contest Ever!" So, the envelope, please. . .

Erin was technically correct in guessing "somewhere in Washington, Oregon, or California." For that, I officially award Erin 2 mega-internet attagirls.*

Matt really nailed it as "Fort Casey on Whidbey Island," so he is the official winner of 25 mega-internet attaboys.* Way to go, Matt! (please keep your acceptance speech to 50 words or less)

Susan got it right, but she wasn't first, so she gets a lovely parting gift of the privilege of babysitting our girls next time she's in the area.

Cleaver (who around here we know as "Gene") get the "extra-effort" award, for naming not just the foreground ("bunker at Fort Casey") but telling us the contents of the larger picture as well - "the Strait of Jaun De Fuca/Admiralty inlet." (although nobody mentioned the Olympic Mountains in the back. . .). In addition, Gene gave us some history as well: "Used during WWII as a lookout point for possible enemy ships or submarines entering our coast." For that, Gene wins 15 mega-internet attaboys.

Thanks to everyone for playing; for more information on Fort Casey, check this out.

*Some may ask "what is the exact value of an internet attagirl or attaboy?" While holding no financial value, attagirls and attaboys are items of great prestige. Posting "Winner of 25 attaboys" on your website header is sure to garner esteem in the eyes of your visitors. Most arguments can be won simply by stating "But I have 15 mega-internet attagirls," unless your opponent should be in possession of a greater number of attaboys or attagirls. Those seeking partners on dating websites are encouraged to post their attaboys/girls, in order to impress any possible suitors.

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Erin said...

I just want to thank my parents and my kids for making this honor possible. And Dan, I never could have had this honor if it wasn't for your quiz. Thank you Dan, thank you. I will definitely be posting my attagirls all over the Internet. LOL!