Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Add One More To the List

As part of our vacation last week, we made it up to Wisconsin twice - my first trips into the Cheesy State. On Tuesday we drove up to the Covenant Annual Meeting in Green Lake; on Friday we spent the afternoon in Lake Geneva (home to one of our Covenant Camps).

All in all, Wisconsin seems like a nice enough place, although we saw more police on stakeouts than I've ever seen anywhere else. Part of a crackdown, what with all the Covenanters coming to the state?

However, the recent midwestern floods had left a lot of standing water around, which accounted for the plague-like swarms of mosquitoes that made life outside somewhat miserable. Or so the locals all said, anyway.

And I guess my geological sense isn't finely attuned to Land East of the Rocky Mountains, because, for the most part, driving through Wisconsin felt and looked the same as driving through Austin, TX (where we were last March) and Knoxville, TN (where I was in 2003 and 2006 for CHIC). I suppose it's all the open land and generally rolling hills, the humidity, and the lack of evergreen trees.

Still, Lake Geneva was a cool place to hang for a couple hours - nice shops, good restaurants, beautiful lakefront, friendly locals. And since Wisconsin is "the land of my forefathers" (grandpa and grandma Whitmarsh left there to move out west many a decade ago), it was nice to visit.

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Wisconsin has cheese.