Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Maybe this just goes to prove my point

The last week or so has been wondrous. Ferry rides through the Puget Sound, camping out on Orcas Island, climbing Turtleback Mountain, picking raspberries in a friend's backyard, a picnic at the beach yesterday, watching the glorious sunset over the Olympic Mountains, driving home Sunday night down the West Valley Highway as the sunset glow turned Mt. Rainier red then orange then pink then a soft lavender, and mostly spending lots of time with my wife, my kids, my parents, and a lot of friends.

This morning has been torturous. It all started when that little "Windows Update" icon appeared in the firefox toolbar. It must have been a large update, because it took a long time to load. In the middle of that, I attempted to visit a site that used java and a java update thingy came on, but for whatever reason the java update didn't automatically work with firefox, so the site crashed. And the update that was loading was slowing down everything else. The music that was supposed to be smoothly playing was instead coming in spurts. The news website I was looking at froze. The email that was coming and going froze in midstream. And when I moved the cursor of the "update" icon it seemed stuck at 33%, then went back to zero after 10 minutes and started all over.

In other words, I just wasted 90 minutes simply trying to make this computer do what I need it to do.

So, again: 6 days, mostly technology free = glorious experiences with friends and with creation.
90 minutes with a laptop = ready to pull my hair out.

What does this all tell us?

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Wesley said...


The last 7 days has been like that for me. It all culminated with having to re-install Windows on my desktop machine yesterday.

The upside to my messy technology week was that it allowed me to spend some time with good friends and grow relationships in the process.

I am seeing the wisdom in taking technology breaks, thats for sure.