Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A couple of things of great importance

1. John Cleese is twittering.

2. Ben Witherington has posted his take on Election. The theology, not the political process. I tend to agree with the position he's endorsing.

3. Speaking of Election, I voted today. Or, I voted last night, and it's in the mail today.

4. Olivia turned 8 yesterday. And we had a nice party for her. Kids, cake, homemade bbq pizzas. If only it hadn't rained.

5. And for those with time to kill, here's a synopsis on How We Spent Our Eleventh Anniversary:
The Plan:
- Drop the kids off with sitters
- Take a long bike ride along the Seattle Waterfront
- Shower and change at the Seattle YMCA
- Dinner at Juno, the new restaurant in the Historic Arctic Club - where our friend Holly works
- Home before it's too late.

But, the day got off to a late start due to slow kids and needing to stop in Vaughn to shoot some pictures for the paper. Plus, the more we thought about it, the more complicated it became to have the bikes with us. So, after kid #1 was dropped off, the new plan was:

- Take a
bike ridelong walk along the Seattle waterfront, enjoying the summer sun.
- Shower and change at the YMCA
- Dinner at Juno
- Home before it's too late.


We didn't take into account that the 405, one of the 2 major north/south freeways, was closed in Bellevue for road deconstruction, so all that traffic would slide over to the 5, meaning the freeway was a parking lot from the Michigan curves through Northgate. Meaning we got to my parents an hour late to drop off kid #2. So, the new plan was:

- Take a
longshort walk along the Seattle waterfront, enjoying a little of the summer sun
- Quick washup and change at the YMCA
- Dinner at Juno
- Home before it's too late.


I didn't take into account that Saturday was the Seattle Seahawks' Home Opener at Qwest Field. Thus, after driving through the tunnel under Seattle, heading south on the Alaskan Way Viaduct, and exiting at the first downtown exit, we found ourselves in more gridlock. Not a problem - I know a shortcut!

A shortcut that was blocked by a slow-moving train. Oh, and after the train passed, we had to sit for five more minutes while the police ushered in the Chicago Bears' Team Busses.

So, the new new plan:
Take a walk on the Seattle Waterfront
- Short workout at the YMCA
- Dinner at Juno
- Home before it's too late.

Out of the mess, to the YMCA. Which seems to be deserted. Because, as we were shortly to find out, it was closed for the weekend for maintenance. We scroll through our plans: who do we know that has a shower we can use? do we just go into the public library and clean up in their restrooms? Wait! I know where there's another YMCA!

So over Capitol Hill to the East Madison YMCA, which, thankfully, is open.

New plan:
WorkoutQuick shower and change at the YMCA
- Dinner at Juno
- Home before it's too late

We're out of the YMCA before 5:00, and head over toward 3rd and Cherry to enjoy our leisurely dinner.

Only, due to the afore-mentioned football game, all parking in the area is either taken or $40. Oh, and this: the Seattle Waterfront is extra-full due to Hempfest going on over there. So any parking left from the football crowd is used up by the pot-loving crowd. (note: between the freaks dressed up for the game (you know, the blue heads and such) and the freaks wandering over from hempfest. . .it felt like driving through an early Mel Gibson film). I drop Karina off at Juno, and attempt to find parking. . .

Which I do, an hour later.

So now the plan is:
- Attempt to relax after such a crazy day
- Rush through dinner
- Try to get home before too late.

Dinner was lovely. Juno is an amazing restaurant. It was fun to see Holly in action. We had a great conversation with the head chef. The Arctic Club is a beautiful hotel.

After dinner, we headed back to my parents' to pick up child #2. The freeway was still a parking lot. We left for home just as the football game got out, leaving us on the freeway where 70,000 drunk fans were all attempting to merge. We got home late.

Ah, well. God is teaching me flexibility these days, for some reason. And considering the suffering some of my friends are going through these days, our day was more comical than anything. God has blessed us with two wonderful children, loving parents and rich friendships. We have every reason to rejoice and none to complain.

Although I would have liked to have had that bike ride.

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