Monday, August 04, 2008

Maybe this answers my earlier question

One blessing of our trip home from San Francisco was spending the night at Valley Covenant Church in Eugene, Oregon. For some time I've known the pastor of Valley Covenant, Steve Bilynskyj, through various mutual friendships and Covenant activities.

Over the years I've become friends with Steve's wife Beth, as well. Only it's all been online. Beth and I are both on Abet, a Covenant e-mail discussion list, so we've interacted there for 5-6 years. Beth is a blogger, and I read her stuff regularly. And I know she checks in here at my Hole in the Wall pretty, leaving kind comments from time to time. So we've become friends without ever actually meeting.

It was thus a pleasure to find myself sitting in the foyer of her church on Sunday morning as she walked in and introduced herself to the group. It was even more a joy to worship next to her and share the Lord's Supper with her. And I think she and Karina hit it off well, too.

I guess this is an answer to all that pondering I was doing a few weeks ago, wondering if technology can actually enhance life and give aid to the things that are truly important to me. Because it was kind of like old friends meeting again, and in many ways, technology made that possible.

Or, to be more precise, it was good people properly using technology that made that possible. Maybe there's an answer there worth pursuing.

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