Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mission Story #6

On the last day of our journey, following our worship experience at Vally Covenant, we headed off to the Hometown Buffet for brunch.

(btw - how do you say the word 'buffet'? My whole life I've heard it and spoken it with a hard "u", as in "lunch" or "bucket." But that weekend, and yesterday once again, I've heard people pronounce it with a soft "u", as in "duke" or "rule." So it sounded like "boofet." Why have I never ever heard it pronounced that way, and then 3 times in 2 weeks somebody uses that pronunciation?)

In Eugene, the Hometown Buffet is inside a shopping mall. So we had to walk through the mall to get to the restaurant. And we had to walk through the mall to leave the restaurant.

So get this: we're on our ninth day of travel, we've just finished a hard but wonderful week of ministry in and around San Francisco, we're happy to be heading home but missing San Francisco, our hearts are broken by all we've seen and experienced, we're still processing the lessons we learned, and wondering if we ought to go back sometime soon. . .

and as we leave the Hometown Buffet, as we walk through the mall and then exit through a promenade back toward the parking lot and our final push home. . .

over the overhead loudspeakers, the background music is playing, and it slowly dawns on us that they're playing Tony Bennett, singing "I Left My Heart in San Francisco."

That's too much of a coincidence to purely be random. I have to think God was giving us a final "well done" for a good job accomplished on our week away, and perhaps a reminder to keep SF in our thoughts and prayers. . .and to quickly consider what comes next.

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Gracie said...

i'd go with that thought about God's gift to you all.
And, I suggest, the first pronunciation. But not for any scientific reason so much. I just prefer it.