Friday, August 22, 2008

What you doin' here?

Note to nerds - please skip the following introduction, as it will bore you. . .

I have google analytics installed on the Hole in the Wall. Which means I can track a lot of details regarding who visits this site. Not the individuals themselves; for instance, I don't know that YOU specifically are reading this right now. But it tells me how many visitors, how many are repeat and how many first-timers, whether they're using Explorer or Firefox or another, and how they got here. Say you found this blog by typing "Dan Whitmarsh the Most Intelligent Christian Commentator in the World" into your search engine; when the results came back this site was at the top, you clicked the link, and here you are. Now, say, 50 people all typed "Dan Whitmarsh the Most Intelligent Christian Commentator in the World" into their search engines, and they all followed the links here. . .then I would be told that 50 people came to this sight by searching for "Dan Whitmarsh. . ." (you get the picture). And once a week or so I check the google analytics, just to see who my visitors might be.

(Nerds - check back in here)

So, without further ado, here are the top-ten keywords for which people searched, that led them to Dan's Hole in the Wall:

1. waypoint church gig harbor
2. dan whitmarsh
3. bent meyer
4. "dan whitmarsh"
5. if I were a scientist
6. bent meyer mars hill
7. dan whitmarsh blog
8. dr goes pellucid marginal degeneration
9. independence day walls
10. more than they deserve

Okay, for a moment, let's combine #s 2,4, and 7. Obviously, people are looking for me. As to #1 - that's another church in the area. The pastor there is a friend of mine. Apparently, people are looking for his site. And ending up here instead. I hope they aren't too disappointed. #5 and #10 are both related to older posts I've made. #8, I'm not sure about the "dr. goes" part but PMD is what I'm dealing with in my left eye. #9 I have no idea.

But it's #3 and 6 that shout out at me. Because it's old news, the story of Mars Hill Church in Seattle firing Bent Meyer and another pastor under suspicious circumstances. And yet people are still searching for his story, and how it relates to that church.

Something's festering there, some people must still be unhappy with the way that all played out.

And, you may tell me, every church has its grumpy people, its detractors and naysayers, and Mars Hill has certainly attracted its critics.

Still, people seem to be looking for answers. And from what I understand, Mars Hill isn't much into "giving people answers" so much as they're into telling people what to believe. Which, in my experience, isn't a healthy way to lead a church.

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