Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Coming Soon: "The Blue Parakeet" - a book review

Scot McKnight is a professor at North Park University, an established author, and a prolific blogger. I have a number of his books on my bookshelf, including:

Praying with the Church (Confession: I bought it mostly because I'm quoted in it. . .)
The Jesus Creed (A Christianity Today Book of the Year)
Turning to Jesus
(I'll admit: I struggled through this one)
A Community Called Atonement
(One of the books I recommend most to others)

McKnight's newest book, the Blue Parakeet, is set for release in November. And I have a copy of it on my desk.No, I didn't get a pirated copy off the Chinese black market. A couple months ago, Scot mentioned on his blog that Zondervan was willing to give away free advance copies to 20 people who would be willing to blog about it. So I put my name in the hat, and over the weekend the book showed up in our mailbox.

So, in the coming weeks, I'll be laying aside some other reading and digging into The Blue Parakeet, offering both a synopsis of the book, as well as my own opinions and thoughts on what McKnight is saying. Should be fun. Feel free to join in the conversation.

On another note, I'm still wading through Atonement for a Sinless Society (see below), but have found that it's a book that takes no prisoners. From the first word he hits the ground running, leaving the reader to breathlessly follow along, hoping to catch up along the way. I like what's he's saying. . .it just takes a lot of time to process it all.

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Eric Nygren said...

Just wondering if you've finished reading this book, and if so what your thoughts were. I too was on of the "lucky 20" and hope to have my review posted in the next couple days.