Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is the men's fellowship cursed?

Back when I began at Lakebay, one of the first events I attended was the men's breakfast. About 8 of us gathered together for a fine breakfast at the New Brookside restaurant, owned by our own Ron Bustad. We met there for 5-6 months straight.

Ron passed away that summer, and shortly thereafter the New Brookside was closed, and the men's fellowship had to move.

We began meeting at the Lucky Horseshoe restaurant, at Horseshoe Lake Golf Club. It was the perfect place - they gave us their back room, all to ourselves, they treated us well, they got to know us and we had some wonderful times together with their staff.

One day we showed up to find their chef had quit, so there was no breakfast that day. We found another place to meet. That month, the Lucky Horseshoe decided to no longer serve breakfast, so we were forced into finding a new location.

We eventually settled on the Floatation Device in Purdy. If you know it, you know it's kind of a dive. Fun, with lots of character. Great staff, they treated us well, but it was always a little far to travel for breakfast.

So we were excited when the Key Center Roadhouse opened earlier this year. It was local, it offered a great breakfast menu. . .it seemed we had found our home.

After the first visit, we weren't all that impressed. But they were new, so we were willing to give them another chance. And, sure enough, the second visit, and third, were much better.

Then last month we showed up for breakfast. And the person inside said "we no longer serve breakfast or lunch - just dinner."

Anybody notice a trend here?

Now we've settled on O'Callahans, the local bar where the local bar-going folk tend to hang out. And their breakfast isn't all that shabby, and the service is pretty good, for a bar. If only I can get my head around the Men's Group meeting monthly in the local bar.

Considering our history, though, I wonder if we should warn the folks at O'Callahans that they're about to face some unforeseen disaster. After all, here come's the men's group, and wherever we go, they shut down.


Lori said...

The perfect place to be a light in the darkness. Maybe they'll all get saved.

Chris Lascano said...

Makes it easy to find the elements for communion (substitute pretzels or peanuts for bread).

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't know that I wasn't saved because I work in a bar or I have a drink once in awhile.