Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Morning Update

The corneal transplant is a go. But it's not scheduled yet, as the surgery-scheduler was out of the office yesterday. I hope to have a date set by the end of this week.

I had a good talk with Dr. Rotkis, the man who will be performing the surgery. He says he does about 60% of all corneal transplants in the state of Washington. And that when Don Mattingly, star player for the NY Yankees, began having vision problems related to his cornea, the Yankees sent him out to meet with Dr. Rotkis for a consultation. So I think I'm in good hands.


We had a nice time celebrating Karina's birthday yesterday, as well. Spent an hour or so wandering around Volunteer Park, one of the jewels in Seattle's park system. Visited the Conservatory and wondered at their cactus collection, strolled beneath the walnut trees, climbed the 100-foot-tall water tower and marveled at the view, watched artists paint masterpieces beside the reflecting pool. It was nice.

Then visited the Seattle YMCA for a short workout and chance to get spiffied up for dinner. . .

Which was at one of Seattle's finest steakhouses. We had a nice coupon, so we had a wonderful, amazing, delicious dinner (Oysters Rockefeller, NY Steak, wild mushroom risotto, caesar salad made right before our eyes, and a chocolate/raspberry ganache for dessert) for not much more than we'd usually pay at your local Applebees. What was even more fun, though, was ogling all the high-spenders around us. Like the party of 6 sitting next to us, who had, by our estimation, already spent $400 on drinks and one appetizer, before even getting to the main course (the appetizer alone was $98. . .kind of out of our price range). So much for all that news about how horrible the economy is these days.

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