Friday, September 05, 2008

Why yes, you did see me on television

King 5 news in Seattle headed out this way yesterday to do a story on gas thieves who hit the local food bank. They got wind that gas thieves had gotten to our church van, as well, so they headed up the road to hear our story. Both Howard Johnson, our M&M Outreach director, and I got a little bit of airtime, with a nice shot of the church in the background.

You can go watch it here.

If you watch really closely, right at the 1 minute mark, you can sort of make out Clara running toward the back of the Jeep, as well.


Anonymous said...

drill baby drill.


Dan said...

OK, this has nothing to do with your tv appearance... what i'm wondering about is how you added Libraryhing to your sidebar:-) I'll need some pretty specific instructions since i am html illiterate... hope you can help me out here, thanks,

Dan said...

OK, I checked out the TV appearance... this ain't no Mayberry anymore!

Kent said...

I hope this results in a follow up story about the overwhelming generosity of local news viewers who donated thousands to the local food and church...or an anonymous donor donating a years worth of gas or something like that.

Brad Boydston said...

"Gas thieves terrorizing Key Peninsula neighborhood" -- Wow, you guys up in the North Pacific are pretty easily terrorized. Andy and Opie wouldn't have been terrorized -- they would have been annoyed. Although I'm sure that Barney would be looking for his bullet so he could hunt down the terrorists.