Thursday, October 23, 2008

And then there are the times you're blessed enough to go out

I actually did get out yesterday to visit a lady in our church who's in the midst of chemotherapy. She lives in a house on the water, on the east side of the Key Peninsula. We sat out on her deck, in the warm sunshine, under clear blue skies. To the east lay the open waters of Puget Sound, broken by the fir-covered mounds of Anderson and McNeil Islands, between which in the distance you could see the town of Steilacoom on the mainland, over which rose Mt. Rainier, shining in a crystaline snow-covered blanket of white. The conversation was wonderful, the setting was stunning, the refreshments refreshing. . .

That's my life. Surrounded by beautiful scenery and wonderful people. Sometimes I wonder why I'm so blessed.

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