Thursday, October 09, 2008

Bring me my cane, you whipper-snappers!

This fall, the wife is leading a Wednesday night Bible Study for Middle School girls. They have about nine girls taking part.

This morning I noticed a registration form for one of the girls in the group. It was lying on the counter, next to where I was grinding up my coffee beans in a vain attempt to kick-start some energy in this body. I was drawn to the birthdate.

This girl - this Middle School girl, this intelligent young lady who's coming and partaking in this Bible Study on the book of Acts, this girl on the cusp of growing into a young woman - was born in 1996.


Which means she has no memory at all of the 1990s. Of anything before, say 9/11? In fact, she was only 5 when that event happened.

And now she's in Middle School?


She probably doesn't even remember when the Spice Girls were all the rage.

I feel so ancient, all of a sudden.


Kim said...

YOU feel ancient??? Watch it, kiddo, or I'll run you over with my wheelchair...

Beth B said...

An hour ago over dinner Joanna said, "YOU took the ACT? I didn't think they had them back then."