Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Call to Worship for Communion Sunday

Leader: We come this morning to worship our God, the King of kings and Lord of lords.

All: May his presence fill this temple, and his power fill our hearts.

May his peace guard your hearts and minds as you come before his throne.

May our words, our thoughts, our offerings and our deeds be pleasing in his sight.

May you know the power of his love, overwhelming your sorrow and doubt with hope and contentment.

May we feel his presence in our worship, in the Word, and as we gather at his table.

He is our God! He is a friend to the friendless, father of the orphan, shelter for the traveler and alien among us!

He is our God! His name is more powerful than presidents, kings, rulers and authorities! He is our hope, our friend, our redeemer. His love saves us and restores us. Come, Oh God, and invade this space! Come, be with us! Open the heavens and come down; reveal your love once again! Amen.

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