Thursday, October 23, 2008

Giving Thanks to Someone I'll Never Know

It's an odd thought; I suppose any who have transplants must confront it at one point or another. Sometime today or tomorrow, someone in the vicinity of Seattle is going to die. After which their body will be harvested for organs and such, and their family will enter into a time of mourning. And on Monday, one of that person's corneas is going to be sewed onto my left eye, hopefully repairing the disorder with which I've been struggling for a decade. And I will go into the rest of my life "wearing" that person's cornea, facing less pain and struggle to read, to watch the sunset, to read music, to play with my kids.

Whoever that person is, whoever their family is, I pray God's blessing upon them, and grace in their grief. I don't envy their sorrow, but I am very grateful for their gift to me. May God have mercy upon them as they slip from this life; may God give comfort to those who mourn them.


Chris Lascano said...

I just prayed for you, the donor and your families.

Kim said...

Wow - what beautiful perspective you've just given me this morning. I'm praying for you, your family, and whoever this person's family is. Wouldn't it be cool if, in eternity, you get the opportunity to thank them personally?