Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How the day goes

First order of business: Get out of bed.
Second order of business: Get food in stomach.
Third order of business: Take pain medication.
Fourth order of business: Clean off wound.
Fifth order of business: Apply eye drops.
Sixth order of business: Blog about it all.
Seventh order of business: Go back to bed.

I did get in a couple of movies yesterday - Iron Man (note: sfx-laden movies don't work so well when you can only see out of one eye) and Grace is Gone, a Jon Cusack movie about a father attempting to tell his two daughters that their mother was killed in Iraq. It was a tender, understated yet powerful movie. I had tears in my eyes. . .but then again, that may have just been because I have stitches in my eye, too.

As a quick follow-up, I go back to see Dr. Rotkis next Tuesday, and he'll let us know if everything is still healing up nicely.


Lori said...

Hang in there Dan. Still praying for you.

Saw Iron Man the other night. Good flick.

Ann said...

Glad to see your patched up face -- our family is continuing to pray for your complete healing!

Ann et al