Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pastoral Life

Begin the day with deep, quiet conversation with a soul seeking answers to difficult, life-altering questions. Lunch with dear friends, more deep soul-talk mixed with political banter. Back for a long-distance phone call from an old friend facing a wicked blender of financial issues, job issues, family issues, and major life changes. Then in pops a woman who has recently faced the excruciating pain of the death of a child, and we talk about grief and mourning and moving on and people who just don't know how to care. Then down at the house I end up in a spontaneous discussion about salvation and what it means to follow Christ with a man whose wife just kicked him out for wanting to go to church. He came by to check a water valve, and we ended up in a deep, quiet conversation over, well, deep soul issues.

This day's not even over yet and I've already walked deeper waters than I do in most weeks. Praise God for his faithfulness, and pray for those in need.

Kyrie eleison

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