Friday, November 07, 2008

More old friends

Last weekend, our friend/former youth group member Ken came over for some free food and family fun. He's now in the army, based over at Ft. Lewis, so it wasn't much trouble to make the jaunt over for a night and 2 partial days. Although I made the mistake of playing some video games with him. And didn't win one. Don't play shooter games with guys in the army, I guess.

Today our former youth group member/friend Betsy flew up from California; the plan is to do the Seattle Tour tomorrow, seeing if we can connect with other former youth group members/friends Jake, Anya, and Leah along the way. It's supposed to rain all day, but I guess that's part of the Seattle experience. Anyway, it's always nice to reconnect with people who were part of your history and carry on with those friendships. Plus we're making Chex Mix to celebrate, so woohoo! It's all good.

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Jason and Tracy said...

Actually, we were going to call you about that!...Let's compare calendars, we'd love it if you and Olivia would come over for dinner and some good conversation!