Monday, December 22, 2008

Aargh! What just happened?

I just downloaded a free Christmas CD from an alternative Christian band. Unzipped the file into a new folder I created in my "my music" folder. Opened up Windows Media Player. . .and all my music files and playlists have disappeared. Not from the computer, just from the Media Player program - and now I can't get Media Player to recognize any of those files on the computer, so I can't play all my glorious Christmas Music on here. . .let alone all that other music.

What just happened? How do I fix it? Somebody Help Me!!!!


Kim said...

Did you manage to get this fixed? How awful. Wish I could help, but I'm not that technically proficient.

Anonymous said...

Has this been corrected? Sometimes when you download a file it "associates" those files (& all like it) with a particular program. Then nothing works. Isn't technology great?
You might try looking at the extension (.doc, .mov, etc.) to see if those have changed. You can also right-click to check properties and make sure it is still set to open in your music program.
If it's more complicated you can email me. I'll be very sympathetic. (Susan)