Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Affirmation of Faith for the Sunday After Christmas

The world is taking down its decorations,

untrimming the trees and undecking the halls.

Christmas-time is fast fading into memory,

we quickly turn our eyes and thoughts to the

coming year. Carols are no longer played,

bell-ringers are silent, the presents all lay

unwrapped, and festivities have come to an end.

And yet – and yet, as the people of God, we do

not forget. We keep our eyes on the Christmas

stable, we scan the skies for signs of another

Christmas star. We still sing in joy and laughter,

for we know that Christmas lives on, because

Christ lives on. What began in Bethlehem

has exploded across the universe, breaking the

bondage of sin and mending the brokenness

of our lives. We continue on in Christmas,

for the Lord Jesus continues to come

into our lives, every single day of the year.

We remain a people who rejoice at his coming;

we remain a people who await his return.

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