Friday, December 05, 2008

More Holiday Fun at the Capitol

Washington's 2008 holiday display, which we discussed a few days ago, is turning into a circus.

Last night, somebody stole the sign erected by the Freedom from Religion folks, a sign which declared that all religion is "myth and superstition." This morning, that sign showed up at a local country-music radio station. Whether this was simply a prank or a political statement remains to be seen.

In the meantime, a number of different Christians have chosen to go public with their sense of being offended about the atheist sign. On Sunday a group is holding a "pro-faith" rally at the capitol, and Ken Hutcherson is trying to put up a new sign, declaring that "atheism is a myth and superstition. . ."

Somehow, the whole thing feels to me like two rival high schools in the days leading up to their football game. Whoever stole the sign is an idiot, for sure, but all the posturing and taking offense and everything else (you knew Bill O'Reilly and Fox news got into the act, too, right?) is just so much wasted noise.

After all, proof that Messiah had come (which is what Christmas is all about, anyway) is not in signs and sound bites. Proof of Messiah is when Christians love their enemies and work for peace, when the poor are fed and the lonely are loved and the sick are cared for and the lame are walking and the blind seeing and God's people are worshiping together. Perhaps if we spent less time being offended and more time doing the work of Messiah, we wouldn't need signs and rallies.


Lori said...

At Starbucks the other day I noticed to bags of beans: Christmas blend and holiday blend. I asked what the difference was. They said they are exactly the same thing but the holiday blend is for people who are offended by Christmas, yet they are set up in the same basket. We have a running joke that the athiest blend will soon be in.

jake dockter said...

starting out, the argument about christmas vs holiday is a ridiculous and illogical debate. yes christmas has christs name in it, but does your faith need a reminder? In other languages they don't mention Jesus.
In cantonese they say "Gun Tso Sun Tan'Gung Haw Sun" Shou;d we be protesting their refusal to mention Jesus? Also, the world holiday comes from the term HOLY DAYS! which still draws reference to the religious traditions.

the athiesm to theist debate...

The athiests are not saying theism is made up. they fully acknoweldge it is a real human reponse but they are saying our stories are myths.
If someone thinks this about you does that change anything for you? Are we called to protest everyone who disagrees?

How do we respond to these things without being crazy!?!?